5 Reasons Why You Should Read Your Skincare Product Labels Before You Buy

The US has very loose regulations, in which the FDA does not regulate product ingredients or how products are tested.  Manufactuers are only required to use the honor system to self report product ingredients and/or warning labels. This has led to problems as companies can knowingly produce and market products that can cause toxic long-term health effects.

 Ideally, manufacturers and the FDA’s primary concern should be our safety. Unfortunately, the Cosmetic Safety act of 1938, has not evolved or adapted to modern times. Scientific advances have led to the increased use of synthetic additives and preservatives in conventional products.

The skin is the largest body organ. Skincare products work by penetrating deep into the skin layers to trap oil and moisture. Everything you apply to your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. The more toxic the ingredients, the more cancer causing chemicals can build up in your bloodstream over time and cause disease.

Ideally natural skincare is the preferred option over conventional products that contains toxic ingredients. The FDA has not defined the term “natural,” and does not regulate how products are labeled. Natural skincare is the preferred option over products that contains toxic ingredients.  

But what exactly is natural skincare? Ideally natural skincare should be without any toxic ingredients. Preservatives are often added toproducts to ensure that have a long lasting shelf-life.

Unfortunately the preservatives are often artificial chemicals that are easily absorbed in the skin. Over time it can cause sensitive skin and serious allergic skin reactions.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with over 32 preservative-based and environmental allergies that required me to receive weekly shots. This led me to research the ingredients in my families skincare products. I soon learned that the product ingredients were the likely the cause of my allergies. This led me to switch to toxic free natural skincare products. I was surprised to discover that even natural skincare products contain cancer-causing ingredients that absorb into the bloodstream. Since the FDA doesn't regulate skincare products this puts millions of women at risk. SK Pure Essentials was born when I discovered healing properties of organic African oils and Shea butters. 

It is highly important that you read and understand ingredients, so that you can make and informed decision before you buy.

  1. Read product labels before you buy. Oftentimes, ingredients are listed with there scientific name and are hard to understand. Keep it simple, opt for products that list ingredients that are easy to understand.
  2. Take the guess out of trying to decipher scientific names. Use apps like the EWG Skin Deep http://www.ewg.org/skindeep to look up ingredients to find out if they're toxic.
  3. Use your resources. Access sites that provide ongoing reviews that determine product safety such as www.madesafe.org
  4. Don’t take the terms “Natural”, and “Organic”, at face value. Always read product labels and look for organic certification labels.
  5.  High priced skincare products do not equate to a premium product. Simplistic formulations and quality recognizable ingredients trump overpriced skincare. 

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