About Us

The story behind SK Pure Essentials

SK Pure Essentials began when clinical research nurse Sonja Crandon was diagnosed with over 32 preservative-based and environmental allergies that required weekly immunotherapy treatments. Upon learning that her skin care products were the most likely cause of her compromised immune system, Sonja went on a mission to research ingredients that would nourish and hydrate her skin without poisoning her body. She was surprised to discover how many popular skin care products (even the “all natural” ones) contain cancer-causing ingredients that absorb into the bloodstream when used on the skin. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate skin care products, she knew this meant that millions of women were putting themselves at risk daily. SK Pure Essentials was born when Sonja stumbled on organic African oils and Shea butters, whose healing and hydrating properties had been known to Africans for centuries. By infusing these oils into vegan skin care products, she has developed a way to achieve healthy, glowing skin with ingredients that are safe and chemical-free.

Why Fair Trade? 

Our African seed oils are extracted from plant sources that have historically been used by rural African communities as food, medicine, and cosmetic application. Traditionally it has been (primarily) women that do the farming and harvesting of the raw materials, and they do this in order to provide food and income to care for their families. Unfortunately, the pay is often disproportionate to the share of profit between the middleman and the end distributor. By using only certified Fair Trade African oils, SK Pure Essentials ensures that its’ African oils are ethically-sourced from women’s cooperatives and community-based organizations under Fair Trade guidelines.

About the Manufacturing

Our products are hand-crafted in the U.S.A. and produced in small batches to ensure quality, freshness, and authenticity. Our seed oils include; Marula, Baobab, Moringa, Mongono, Trichilia, Ximenia, and Kalahari Melon Seed Oil

Each product comes with a full list of ingredients, which can also be found on our Ingredients page.

SK Pure Essentials is committed to ensuring that our products are safe to both our customers and the environment. Our products do not contain any artificial colors, synthetic fragrance, parabens, unnatural preservatives, mineral oil, silicones and/or animal sourced ingredients.