Behind the Brand:

SK Pure Essentials is collection of Luxury Vegan Skincare products that are inspired by the beauty, and healing properties of African Oils.

Our products are hand crafted in small batches and enhanced with a therapeutic blend of sustainability sourced African Oils, it provides instant relief of dry skin, as well as long-lasting nourishment and moisture retention. Ideal for dry skin conditions, it nourishes, softens, and provides a visible sheen. 

We are committed to ensure that our products are safe to both our customers and the environment. Our products do not contain any artificial colors, synthetic fragrance, parabens, unnatural preservatives, mineral oil, silicones, and/or any animal sourced ingredients, making them gentle enough for the family’s daily use.  Products are tested only on family and friends.

Why SK Essentials:

We are unique in that our products contain a blend of premium, rare, sustainable sourced African Oils to offer high-quality, luxurious skincare.

Sustainable Sourced Ingredients

We source our African Oils and Butters from sustainable, ethically traded Fair Trade suppliers, who harvest ingredients from women’s cooperatives, and community based organizations.

Essentials Brand Goals:

We aim to become a globally recognized Brand by providing our customers with consistent high quality health-conscious skincare.

Our goal is to establish direct partnerships with African Fair Trade cooperatives to directly source and provide sustainable livelihood for African farmers and communities.

About Our Founder:

SK Pure Essentials is a Southern Maryland based luxury, vegan, natural, non-toxic, skin care brand founded by Sonja Crandon in 2015. With my passion for African sourced oils and butters, I was inspired to create a line of skincare products that captures the beauty and functionality of natural African resources.

For years I had unsuccessfully tried numerous products that claim to treat dry skin. I more recently discovered that African Shea Butter was the only natural product to successfully quench my dry skin. In 2013, I was tested and diagnosed with over 32 environmental, and preservative based allergies which require biweekly immunotherapy (allergy shots). My daughter also suffers from skin allergies as a result of artificial skincare ingredients. This led me to research the ingredients within my family’s skincare products. Practically all of our skincare products were filled with carcinogens (cancer causing ingredients).  Especially those branded as natural, which prompted my search for naturally sourced ingredients which are free of toxins, chemicals and artificial preservatives. My experience with African Shea, led me on an extensive search for sustainable sourced African oils with ancient healing, therapeutic, and moisturizing properties. This sparked my passion for sustainable sourced African oils and butters, which led to the birth of SK Pure Essentials. SK Essentials is a luxury vegan product line which enables me to showcase my passion and educate others about a more holistic approach to skincare.

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